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September 10, 2019
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February 4, 2019
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Industrial Mining

In this client success story, Covia Corp. ultimately chooses IFS as it’s preferred ERP system.

When RutterKey first started working with Unimin in 2016, the company’s product sales and distribution were in a growth phase. U.S. manufacturing’s demand for industrial minerals and related products was increasing at an unprecedented rate.

While high growth is a desirable business scenario, Unimin was challenged by an antiquated technology system that could not keep up with demand, nor offer data visibility and analysis that would be crucial to track and respond to business growth factors.

As a result, company leadership was calling for a transformation of Unimin’s business operations and its supporting IT infrastructure in order to develop greater efficiency and effectiveness by streamlining processes. The end goal was twofold, namely: To achieve quicker corporate decisions based on robust and relevant data and to enable greater collaboration across the enterprise.

In terms of technology, their homegrown ERP system used a collection of software tools and spreadsheet templates to track and support processes. RutterKey was able to help create a multi-functional, integrated, and enterprise-wide toolkit and data system that fully supports all enterprise projects. Furthermore, the results met the customer’s expectation for an ERP platform that allows their purchase order system to “talk” with the finance and procurement departments.

RutterKey helped create custom reports to track KPIs and provide leadership with real time data and an IFS software solution that addressed all implementation requirements. Coincidentally, upon “Go live” Unimin merged with Fairmont Santrol to form Covia, which has remained a RutterKey client and has selected IFS as its primary ERP software and is bringing all operations under the one IFS technology umbrella.