Match Supply To Demand Everyday

Master Supply Schedule (MSS) displays demands with matched supply within IFS.

MSS creates a complete plan for the entire day. "All you need to do is follow the plan!". It is pre-packaged with industry best practices for prioritization and allocation.

It can be time-consuming to get MRP up and running to create demands when they are really needed.

MSS will always create a plan that can be executed. MRP can be severely impacted by lower levels of data accuracy, which can be compounded by running MRP. MSS allows users to create a plan that is not as data sensitive and execute it immediately.

Soft Allocation Planning Tool

Soft Allocation is a traditional stand-alone planning tool that enables users to immediately start supply chain planning with existing supply and demand.

Soft Allocation is also an immediate finite scheduling tool for Supply Chain

Our allocation engine runs industry best practice algorithms to create a real-time; supply chain plan, shipping schedule, and work order supply plan.

Soft Allocation can allocate supply to demand in sequence based on the MRP results.

Execute the Supply Plan today

Getting MRP setup can be difficult because it relies on very accurate data. At a minimum, MRP needs;

1. 95% Accuracy on Inventory

2. 70% Sales Forecast

3. 100% accuracy on Bill of Material

MSS breaks the need to have all of the MRP inputs in place and accurate. MSS works with the data you have today and provides a plan you can work with immediately.


  • Real-time Supply Chain schedule of activities
  • Real-time Supply Chain pegging plan
  • Automatic allocation of supply to demand using Soft Allocation
  • Configurable time-fence for allocation
  • API Library for custom fields
  • Stock short task allocation

Choose your business rule

  • First In First Out - With the first items to be received to be allocated to demands
  • Time Fenced - Only allocate Items within Time Period specified
  • Gap Fill - It will fill gaps in the Supply Plan to ensure maximum coverage of demands
  • Priority - Allocated in terms of Demand Priority
  • Integrates Seamlessly with IFS

    MSS runs within IFS Applications, displaying in the standard User Interface.

    The application allows users to add IFS custom fields on any IFS screen and display the pegging and shipping status from the MSS.

    The MSS screen has built-in navigation to go directly to any related screen.

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