Advanced Automated Real Time Estimates

Advanced Project Reporting (APR) is an invaluable tool for Project Managers and Companies who organize and manage their operations, products, or services through Projects. APR provides efficiency and improved performance through enhanced reporting, forecasting, and performance analysis within the IFS Project Management component - building on standard IFS functionality to provide;

  • Separating and elevating labor cost and hours within the Project Activity – Equal in status to traditional total cost
  • Extension of Earned Value Metrics to Labor and Labor Hours
  • Automated real-time estimates to complete – ETC updates with each project transaction
  • Capture of Time Phased Budget, Forecast, Actuals, and Earned Value
  • Visualization of project financial and schedule performance graphically

  • APR expands visibility and visualization of project performance data – expanding the vision to display of hours the same way that you would normally look at cost. APR provides ability to deliver multi-dimensional view of the project through timelines – delivering all project metrics by hours and cost.

    RutterKey ensures that Advanced Project Reporting enhances the Project Manager's methods for managing and monitoring projects – and compliments IFS delivery of earned value management as a technique, driving a more precise and objective progress reporting system.

    Incorporated Time Phased Collection

    APR automatically collects the four primary values in earned value management: Actual Cost of Work Performed (ACWP), Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled (BCWS), Budgeted Cost of Work Performed (BCWP), and Estimate to Complete (ETC).

    RutterKey takes this information and presents it in a visually appealing, easy-to-understand timeline. APR makes it easy to then display this information and differentiate between cost and schedule in both hours and cost.

    Flexibility For Project Managers

    APR assists PMs to get to accurate estimates to complete faster and more efficiently. APR delivers total flexibility to Project Managers, allowing them to tailor their ETCs by applying a range of rates to hours to calculate the ETC. Rates driven by baseline, estimated, actual, or simply the Project Manager's defined hourly rate.

    Project Managers can easily override the system generated ETC to apply their own judgement to consider action being taken to bend the curve of performance. The tool highlights where the Project Manager’s judgement is applied to override the system calculated ETC, aiding in the process of reviewing projects. Advanced History Tracking provides users the ability to look back at any moment in time and compare the financial and schedule status of the project, allowing for period-on-period comparisons or historical reviews.

    APR's unique functionality means that it will become an essential tool for Project Managers working in industries such as Construction, Aerospace & Defense, and Manufacturing.

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