Process Improvement

Ideas that Increase ROI

We take a broad view of business and then start with the end goal in mind. For each client, we look at the key aspects of their entire business structure, even considering the effects of corporate culture on the outcome of the project. Next, we help design a process for the most efficient and effective path to success. RutterKey uses our professional knowledge to apply as much “out-of-the-box” IFS functionality as possible.

This approach has two key benefits: Streamlining workflow processes and tracking data from as many corporate departments as possible under one ERP umbrella.


RutterKey has developed a unique workflow management tool that we like to consider a bonus feature of our consulting services. The entry-level version is free to any IFS customer. Once in place, this innovative approach allows system controls to initiate, track, and advance an IFS process, while moving data between System objects in parallel threads. Our solution enables customers to Automate complex Non-Linear process in IFS. At RutterKey we reconcile in most businesses the more complex challenges a business need to solved has multiple functions, and conditions with non-linear process flow.

A solution that enables customers to Automate complex Non-Linear process in IFS.