Bruce Mortimer

CEO & Managing Director


In 1985, Bruce began his professional career with Honeywell, specializing in contract management. After gaining several years of industry experience, he signed on with Ensign Bickford Industries, Inc., holding several management and executive level positions over the course of two decades.

Having worked on high profile projects like NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, Bruce also gained insight and personal experience with enterprise wide planning tasks, such as directing development and deployment of an automated Order Entry/Contract Management system that replaced manually generated work orders and cumbersome manufacturing related processes.

Other career highlights included streamlining the complex shipping process of hazardous products from 3 days to 1 day, initiating changes in payment and contract financing terms that reduced the average WIP carried by the company by 50%, and directing an innovative and streamlined approach to managing sales of mature, dual use products to Aerospace and Defense customers.

With his proven ability to identify critical, cross-functional operational workflows and interdependencies, and lead development of business process improvements to deliver increased capability at lower costs, Bruce founded RutterKey Solutions, LLC in 2006.

As managing director, he is well versed in process improvement, program management, integration, ERP, and Lean manufacturing.

Bruce excels at communicating the details of a plan across all lines of business – so every “Go Live” transition runs smoothly.