Alex Sharp

Operations Manager UK & Senior Solution Architect

United Kingdom

As a self-proclaimed Technology “Evangelist,” Alex excels at bridging the gap between customers and vendors - delivering world-class solutions to complex corporate ERP systems. He is passionate about digital transformation and closely monitors the flowing technology trends, such as Autonomy, Industrial IoT, cloud-native application development, GovCloud, BlockChain, and Digital Twins.

Alex spent 16 years honing his professional skills with BAE Systems and gaining a vast array of software architecture experience with the world’s largest and most complex defense program. After starting in a role that supported the CS&S Engineering Director, he spent the bulk of his time as a Lead Architect for ALIS Supply Chain, working with the DoD, the U.S. Armed Services (USAF, USN, and USMC), and Lockheed Martin.

During his time with BAE, Alex was instrumental in designing the roadmap, vision, and direction of the F-35 Supply Chain information system. He also worked closely with Lockheed Martin’ future ALIS project, using digital transformation strategies and technology focusing on Containerization, DevOps, and SecDevOps. For ALIS individually, he served 10 years covering Architecture, Systems Engineering, and Software Design.

With the combination of his professional work background coupled with a Bachelor’s in Aerospace Systems Engineering and a Master’s in Information Systems, Alex offers RutterKey clients a unique blend of knowledge and skills. Alex is familiar with cyber-security as well as operational integrated logistic support for military information systems.

One area of expertise is undoubtedly with IFS Applications, which has been reaffirmed on several occasions in which IFS has invited Alex to speak at its World Conference events about his experience with Apps solutions and on the future outlook of technology issues and requirements. His tech experience is extensive and includes software tooling products as well as leadership experience in the areas of standards, processes, and methodologies.

Alex is a Yachtmaster and also enjoys rugby, triathlon, motor sport, literature, music, and the performing arts in his free time.