Thomas Blomquist

COO & VP of Sales and Operations


Given his extensive background and professional experience managing IFS implementations, Thomas is the perfect choice for RutterKey’s Chief Operating Officer. He is extremely well versed in applications consulting, business assessments, process design, and project management for all types of ERP solutions – with a career focus in Aircraft and Process Maintenance.

In the past, Thomas has operated as a client manager for the Aerospace and Defense segment where implementations of IFS EAM, IFS VIM, and IFS PMRO were key components of client operations. He has overseen implementations for process-oriented clients in Sweden and the U.S. Furthermore, Thomas has worked on the Defense Manufacturer Extension on IFS Apps for a number of large IFS engagements.

Aside from working directly for IFS, Thomas has held senior project management roles with several large corporations. His background is in computer science and he has concentrated his professional growth in the areas of people and process improvement. His other corporate experiences include work in eCommerce, the hospitality industry, and serving as the General Manager for two noncorporate IT companies.

Thomas is excited to be working with RutterKey where he senses a tremendous opportunity to match proven implementation protocol with value-based process analysis, and user-centric training material and workshops for success driven IFS deployments. The potential is profound to make a serious and lasting impact on the world of ERP software solutions.