Ryan Bishop

Business Analyst

North Carolina

After earning a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina State University, Ryan spent several years with Touchstone 3D Services where he held positions as a Prototype Technician and Operations Manager. Within this context he oversaw day-to-day functions, developed custom in-house order management and scheduling software, and managed a small team of professionals and shop staff.

In 2016, he became a Manufacturing Engineer for a large company in the energy sector, where he implemented an Insight Manufacturing Execution System for project scheduling and developed extensive software customizations and integrations using both the .NET framework and SQL Server. Ryan was also instrumental in defining new engineering practices and procedures as well as implementing Autodesk Vault PDM software and integrating it with Apps 9 to push complex engineer-to-order product structures to IFS.

During a recent enterprise wide Apps 9 deployment, Ryan took on the leadership role for the manufacturing engineering portion of the solution, while also providing first-hand input in other functional areas including: Quality, planning, projects, and engineering.

He has experience with Lean Six Sigma and his comfort level with inventory management, software development, quality management, statistical process control, shop floor execution, stream analytics, reporting, and Lobby design make Ryan an ideal addition to the RutterKey team.