ReTrack™ is an intelligent process automation platform that operates inside IFS Cloud and IFS Applications combining workflow, artificial intelligence, and solution accelerators to hyperautomate your business!

End-to-end business processes are modeled into digital twins utilizing an iterative and data-driven approach to discover workflow activities that are then represented by a combination of pre-built and user-defined methods.


Compose user-specific applications enabling the automation of individualized work tasks that are aligned with enterprise-wide processes


Artificial Intelligence assisted data-driven discovery of business processes


Visualize, monitor, and predict process deviations to continuously improve business processes

Many organizations have attempted workflow automation but run into frequent roadblocks...

When thinking about implementing automation within an enterprise there are several challenges that companies face. Attempting to represent processes graphically tends to force a linear perspective of workflows limiting the types of processes that may be modeled and automated. Traditional approaches to process automation often require extensive upfront discovery, cross-functional subject matter expertise, and time-consuming modeling. Process owners need to know upfront where the process bottlenecks and optimization opportunities exist to justify the investment. Tools and technologies are often siloed in separately purchased applications or not the primary focus with limited capability. Historically, these challenges have resulted in automation programs with large upfront investments, long payback periods, and high risks of failure that are difficult to scale limiting the potential return on investment.

ReTrack™ targets these challenges with an innovative toolset of intelligent technologies that enable organizations to quickly model enterprise-wide business processes regardless of operational complexity. Multi-pathway processing allows conditional process paths from a single trigger point based on varying data contexts and operating conditions. Semi-structured interdependent control enables the coordination of complex business scenarios, cross-functional activities, and enterprise-wide sequencing of process stages. Probability-predicted pathways add detection of process deviations and dynamic discovery of undefined or phantom business processes. Independent data flows represent more accurately how data comes into existence and flows through the enterprise independent of the workflow sequence.

ReTrack™ enables organizations to hyperautomate business processes natively from within IFS, eliminating the need for disparate external or siloed automation technologies that are difficult to implement and scale across the entire enterprise.

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