Solution Architecture

Today’s ERP software technology needs to function in concert with the corporate workforce. RutterKey is poised to “bridge the gap” through the implementation of IFS applications, version upgrades, and integration with industry vendor software.

We partner with our corporate clients to emphasize their strengths, evaluate their processes, and create a road map that leads to data reliability and project success.

Plan for a smooth transition every time with RutterKey. We have experts on staff to handle every facet of IFS functionality, and we oversee system setup, testing, and “Go live” activities. Our Business Analysts are adept at training IFS “super users” within the client organization and developing standard practices and ERP software manuals for onboarding general staff and new personnel alike.

Product Design

RutterKey has the capability to develop and modify software solutions to interact with existing corporate process systems already in place. We seek to blend new solutions with what’s already working in order improve and not disrupt current workflow.

We want every technology solution to be easy for existing personnel to use. In the project discovery phase, we conduct thorough interviews with key personnel to assess the current state of the enterprise and make sure any design concepts we implement will not negatively impact employee performance.

Getting your team to work together is always at the top of our priority list. We pride ourselves on finding the best fit for each client. Our areas of expertise include: Engineering Design, Document Management, HR Management – Operative and Strategic, Quality Management, Mobile Workforce Apps, CRM (Call Center / Customer Service), and Distribution.

Custom Reports & Lobbies

Information is power. Today’s IFS solutions offer tremendous control over viewing real time data and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs). These latest software features help executives and corporate leaders make intelligent decisions based on current conditions.

RutterKey staff will review system requirements with a client’s ERP project leadership team to determine the most valuable and “crucial” data points and write custom lobbies based on a user’s role and responsibilities.

The training material we create to help guide employees and help them navigate the new system will offer tips and help for personalizing their IFS dashboard to highlight and track their own most relevant KPIs.

Process Improvement

We take a broad view of business and then start with the end goal in mind. For each client, we look at the key aspects of their entire business structure, even considering the effects of corporate culture on the outcome of the project. Next, we help design a process for the most efficient and effective path to success. RutterKey uses our professional knowledge to apply as much “out-of-the-box” IFS functionality as possible.

This approach has two key benefits: Streamlining workflow processes and tracking data from as many corporate departments as possible under one ERP umbrella.

RutterKey has developed a unique workflow management tool that we like to consider a bonus feature of our consulting services. Once in place, this innovative approach allows system controls to initiate, track, and advance employee activities at integral points within a business procedure.