Mike Alessio

Senior Business Analyst


Mike began his career with General Electric Co. as a Lead Technical Engineer and joined Ensign Bickford Aerospace Company in the Fall of 1990 as a Laser Systems Project Engineer where he helped develop modular designs for two laser firing unit programs, among other projects and responsibilities.

Over the next 16 years, Mike was promoted to several management roles focusing on product engineering for aerospace & defense, oil & gas, and rock blasting & mining. He held a lead role in the company’s new business systems implementation. Having received the company’s Founders Award for Excellence, he has proven time and again his skill at bridging the gap between the highly technical and the practical side of operations.

Mike applies his industry experience in the areas of engineering management, configuration control, document management, Lean practices, data control, supply chain management, project management and quality management.

Before joining RutterKey in 2014, Mike served as Director of Quality Assurance & System Engineering with a small defense manufacturer and as president of his own consulting firm, Alessio Development, LLC.

He is IFS certified as a Projects Specialist.

Mike holds a Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.