Ken Burt

Senior Business Analyst


In the early part of his career, Ken gained experience as an Information Systems Manager for 9 years with Acadia Polymers, where he led the implementing of BPCS and ASK MANMAN software systems spanning 14 manufacturing sites.

Later, he played a key role implementing all facets of IFS software at Pexco, another multi-site manufacturing company. Ken furthered his career as an ERP software systems expert with positions such as Project Manager, Sr. Business Analyst, and Migration Applications Specialist during his time with Oakmont Contract Services, Astra, and Unimin.

Ken has spent over 10 years providing data migration support with the IFS Migration Tool Kit and has assisted 20+ companies successfully migrate from various legacy systems to IFS. He is IFS Certified as a Supply Chain Specialist.

Through his manufacturing experience, Ken is familiar with Discrete, Repetitive, Process, Just-In-Time in Electronic Assembly, Furniture, Heavy Equipment, Plastics (extrusion), Rubber (injection, compression, transfer), Paper, Distribution (Wholesale, Retail), Mining & Minerals Processing, and Financials.