More businesses transform their business models and service their operations. Service software has become more critical than ever with the trend of growing customer expectations and increased competition, which has led to a shift among service organizations.

IFS places heavy emphasis on our software solutions for the service industry, creating a valuable tool for your everyday needs. With IFS and RutterKey Solutions, you get a Service solution deployed with experts maximizing the value of IFS for your business.

Capital & Industrial Equipment

There are a lot of exciting technology advancements changing the service landscape for capital and industrial equipment. On the one hand, large serviceable assets are continuing to increase in complexity, which makes repair and maintenance a sometimes-daunting task. On the other hand, new technologies and advancements, when wielded correctly, can turn that complexity into an asset for an organization, allowing opportunities for remote resolution, predictive service, and significantly less downtime. Come see how IFS has built a solution to support you in those goals.

High-Tech & Office Equipment

Between a diverse and inconsistent set of serviceable assets and an ever-growing level of complexity, maximizing service efficiency, and managing downtime for high-tech and office equipment managers is more important than ever. Partner this with an increasing web of security concerns, regulatory issues, and corporate policies, and resolution is almost never as easy as it should be. To tackle these challenges, you need to find a service partner who can support the unique complexity of your service practice. IFS is ready to support your end-to-end service needs.

IT Infrastructure & Professional Services

For professional service providers, the needs of service excellence extend far beyond the technician and the customer. While some service management solutions can help optimize some service operations and not others, IFS is independently recognized for not just the depth, but also the breadth of its service solution. With FSM, you can feel confident that you will never need to compromise on integrating your processes, thus increasing uptime, saving operationally, and getting access the holistic data that can help your business move to the next level.

Property & Commercial Services

Leading property and commercial services businesses understand that when issues arise, they need to be ready to address them expediently, and effectively. These solutions come from a dense network of in-house, contracted, and contingent labour sources, all of which need to be centrally managed. Whether it be a residential, retail, or industrial space, organizations need a service management platform with a scope of solutions that are tailored to their specific business. IFS takes that complexity and makes it an asset. Come see how.

Transportation & Logistics

Trucking, logistics, and transportation companies have more tools that even to track, organize, and manage their fleet operations. With that comes increased customer expectations around the speed, accuracy, and transparency of operations and product delivery. With IFS, organizations have a partner that will help them seamlessly combine insights and analytics from the many systems at their disposal, and additionally offer them the tools to perform fleet management, parts management, and reverse logistics better than ever before.