Ernie Fontenot

Senior Business Analyst


Ernie had his first experiences supporting IFS and overseeing ERP system implementation with long time employer Harris / CapRock Communications in Lafayette, LA, a global provider of satellite and terrestrial communications solutions for remote and harsh environments. After coming up the company ranks starting in 1996 as a Technical Service Coordinator, Ernie worked his way to serving as the Core Team lead for Service Management during the successful implementation of an Application 7 environment.

“Go live” support involved oversight of international CapRock offices including locations in Mexico, Scotland, Australia, and Indonesia. Ernie’s other areas of expertise are EAM Maintenance, Equipment Service Management, and Mobile Client.

His next role was Sales Engineer / Product Development for Global Data Systems, Inc. where he worked directly with the company’s VSAT sales department to determine product solutions, created quotes and sales proposal documents, and developed product SKUs, bundled units, pricing, and quoting formats for numerous Oil & Gas Industry scenarios.

From March 2012 until joining the RutterKey team at the end of 2018, Ernie served as an IFS Business Analyst specializing in Service Management and EAM Maintenance for IFS North America. He is adept at working with customers implement and upgrade IFS software, and equally comfortable designing and customizing system changes when necessary.

Ernie is a valuable team member who is also well versed in presenting IFS training and workshop material in the areas of Customer Orders, Work Orders, Preventative Maintenance Orders, and Equipment Object Level Structure.