Engineering, Construction, and Infrastructure

Margins are under pressure and competition is intensifying in the construction, infrastructure, and industrial services industry. Large, long-term one-off projects need to be delivered on time and within budget, whilst this Industry is dealing with a skills shortage and low productivity. Efficiently managing new projects by adopting data-driven, integrated processes and systems is key to becoming one of the winners in the future.

We have a long history of implementing enterprise software solutions designed for the Engineering, Construction, and Infrastructure Industry. Our solutions support the entire asset lifecycle from engineer, design, and build to service and maintenance for any type of asset that supports:

  • Construction, Infrastructure & Industrial Services
  • Engineering Contractors (EPC)
  • Shipbuilding, Refit & Repair

IFS offers industry-specific solutions including Sales and Sub-contract Management, Contract Change Management (Variations), Equipment Rental and Hire, and Project Financial Forecasting. It also provides a solid foundation to support the Digital Asset Lifecycle journey (BIM, IoT, AI, Drones, etc.) and allows trends such as Modular and Offsite Manufacturing to be managed as part of the solution.

Project-Based Engineering, Manufacturing, and Construction

With IFS, engineer-to-order manufacturing, construction, and engineering enterprises have an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for project management-related environments. The solution is built around one-off projects like engineering construction and fabrication, prototyping, and services.

Project-based parameters control and determine schedules for all functions, including engineering, procurement, document delivery, installation, and construction, coordinated by an efficient information flow among the different disciplines involved.

With a project-driven solution—where the project itself is the engine—high-level visibility and transparency are ensured throughout your enterprise. Everyone benefits from one common plan, ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget.

We have unique expertise configuring the Job Rate Management Solution in IFS Projects, which can be used to calculate a detailed job cost breakdown for each employee based on applicable Union rates, as well as Davis Bacon, act prevailing wage rates.

Digital Shipyard

Shipbuilders, private vessel owners, and ministries of defense around the world are mandating and investing heavily in transformational digital technology that will press time, costs, and risks out of vessel design and fabrication. This demand has created a race for the digital Shipyard.

To drive digital benefits across your shipbuilding operation, you need more than product lifecycle management (PLM) or 3D design software. You need an ERP solution that truly encompasses the key phases where you deliver value to your customers. This is challenging because of the project-centric nature of shipbuilding and some of the unique steps in your value chain, including:

  • Design
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Outfitting
  • Sea Trial
  • Maintenance