Donald Buchanan

Senior Business Analyst


After beginning his professional career in a management role with a Healthcare facility in Waterford, WI, focusing his attention on Supply Chain and Finance Projects, Don Buchanan successfully proved himself as a corporate team leader and earned his MBA before joining IFS North America as a Distribution Consultant.

From that fortuitous start, Don went on to make inroads and further develop his industry expertise, first as an IFS Specialist with Rockwell Automation, participating in a global rollout of IFS Apps 7.5, then later serving as a Senior Business Consultant with Abeam, leading multiple departments through a full implementation of IFS Apps8 for a large U.S. government agency.

More recently, he worked as a Management Consultant with Enterprise Consulting during which time he was the solution architect on multiple implementations and IFS upgrades and leant his professional ERP expertise on numerous distribution projects involving sales, inventory, and procurement. Within this role, Don also gained specialist level skills in IFS third party tools such as, Novacura Flow, Defense Manufacturers Extension, and Insite Commerce.

Don is an accomplished consultant who has in depth experience leading teams of supply chain analysts as well as conducting user training workshops. His areas of specialty include: Distribution, HR, Call Center, Process Improvement, Permissions and Securities, User Setups, and Service Management among others.

He holds an MBA, PMP, and is a certified IFS Specialist in both Supply Chain and HR functionality.

Don’s breadth of experience and industry knowledge are a true asset to every RutterKey client project he touches. We are thrilled to have him on the team.