Christa Blome

System Administrator


Christa joined the RutterKey team in 2019 and has added tremendous value and capability to our internal IT department. Her contributions have provided structure and established much needed information management protocols to our growing organization.

Prior to taking on the RutteKey IT position, Christa worked for 3 years with Sunbelt Transformer in Temple, TX as an analyst and helpdesk supervisor. In this role she held weekly meetings with her team to track and achieve department goals. Christa was responsible for training and creating educational material regarding company policies and procedures, as well as software and equipment protocols.

Her work at Sunbelt is where Christa was first introduced to IFS Applications. Among her initial responsibilities she implemented IFS permissions and improved security roles during an upgrade from Apps 7.5 to Apps 9. Christa was also charged with creating separate Time Clocks for hourly employees vs. salaried nonexempt employees as well as handling content ownership of the HR module.

Her technical skills in setting up and maintaining computer hardware, servers, printers and other network equipment coupled with her ability to implement software solutions, administer permissions, and train our team on new technology are crucial factors that keep the RutterKey operation online.

In a previous position with Pro-Build Holdings in Tulsa, OK, Christa was charged with technical troubleshooting, handling system crashes, slowdowns, and data recoveries for over 500 remote locations and more than 100 workstations. Her combined abilities of multitasking, managing complex IT parameters, and relating to software users who hail from a variety of experience levels allows Christa to bridge the technical gap and ultimately help RutterKey run as a professional organization.

Outside of IT role, Christa is a U.S. Army Family Readiness Group Leaser, CO Leader, Treasurer, and Crisis Response Team Member. She holds a B.S. in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix, in Phoenix, AZ.