Brandon Foster

Business Analyst

North Carolina

Prior to joining the RutterKey team, Brandon had over 7 years of hands-on data work in the U.S. Energy Sector, thus bringing practical industry experience to the table. His specialization in HR and CRM implementation as well as IFS functionality expertise has made Brandon invaluable on numerous RutterKey client projects.

His recent accomplishments include implementing time and attendance, supervisor access, organization and position structure, and interfaces with Paycom and IFS to create and manage employees for Caldwell Manufacturing for time and attendance, shop floor, and payroll needs.

He has also graphically mapped the organization and position structure of 800 employees for construction industry leader Cotton Holdings to create role and position access. And he has implemented the new job rate management functionality and ADP interface for a large union and prevailing wage construction leader in PPC.

In his prior role as Project Manager at PowerSecure Inc., Brandon was responsible for deploying an Enterprise CRM solution to a team of 40 sales professionals.

This role, coupled with previous management positions, has given him a well-rounded background requiring skills in project development, process improvement, analytics, as well as finance and accounting.

Overcoming challenges is what we thrive on at RutterKey. Brandon was instrumental in developing a manual payroll processing tool when the company’s legacy system failed to properly translate overtime calculations and allocation of time to jobs.

After “Go Live” success was achieved, Brandon later served as a Division Leader, overseeing new ERP system training to a business unit of approximately 700 employees.

Accomplished and cool under pressure, Brandon’s day-to-day experience with HR, timesheets, payroll and general accounting functions gives him valuable insights regarding financial data and KPI relevance. His ability to troubleshoot IFS challenges and understand the perspective and needs of human resources professionals enhances the deep knowledgebase of the RutterKey team.

Brandon has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. He also holds a Master of Arts in Divinity from the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC.