Alexis Rathbun

Senior Business Analyst


In 2007, Alexis joined the RutterKey team as our first official Business Analyst. Over the years, she has worked closely with IFS Defense North America and numerous industry leading clients from a wide range of fields. Alexis has contributed to implementation projects, from functional process development and documentation, to deployment, training and support.

She often plays a key part in the tailoring of IEE user experience. Alexis is our team leader in the areas of strategic and operative human resource management, as well as security management, and customer relations management.

She recently implemented IFS CRM Apps10 for a midsize manufacturer as well as for a diversified holding company in the construction industry. Alexis has implemented basic operative HR at a major Aerospace & Defense manufacturer on Apps 7.5 SPE, Apps8, and Apps 9.

She has had similar onsite experience for large, multi-site operations in the IFS functionality areas of Security Management, Time & Attendance, Expense Management, and Quality Management for government agencies, oil & gas manufacturing, aerospace FAA certified repair facilities, and mining & mineral exploration operations.

After earning her bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, Alexis worked for over 10 years with Hughes Aircraft company, first as a group leader and member of the technical staff, and later in the roles of Senior Project Engineer and Systems Engineering Manager.

For over a decade, she owned and managed a small manufacturing business in Lakewood and Redondo Beach, CA. As a business owner, Alexis experienced all aspects of operations, from sales to delivery.

Her unique combination of skillsets makes Alexis a highly sought-after consultant providing tremendous value to RutterKey’s customer organizations. She regularly contributes to procedure writing, as well as training client users and new RutterKey staff alike.