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January 14, 2021
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June 14, 2021
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Tideworks Technology Goes Live with IFS Apps10 and Customized Jira Interface Functionality: Bridging the Gap Between Agile Workflow and Traditional Waterfall Management

RutterKey Solutions helps Seattle-based developer of marine and intermodal terminal operations software measure their ROI on creative engineering and design in real time metrics

As industry leaders in the design and engineering of software that manages the world’s largest and busiest maritime ports, Tideworks Technology are no strangers to innovative thought capital. But tracking true investment value derived from that highly creative, agile process of software development has remained elusive to the data driven demands of today’s corporate ERP systems.

Enter IFS – an adaptive, integrated ERP solution designed with customized lobbies and built-in analytics, so that data visibility is at the fingertips of project managers throughout the organization.

By utilizing standard IFS functionality, the RutterKey team was able to process data from Jira and help track daily task progress and “time to complete” in order to shed more light on cost, utilization, creative labor, and other metrics tied to the challenges faced by software developers.

A Bridge Between Software Systems

RutterKey’s solution of rolling the agile data from JIRA up to the project and program management level in IFS creates the needed “bridge” between two software systems and gives tremendous power in managing the broader release schedule. Tideworks is also able to see cost tied directly to specific product tasks, giving insight into the business of running a software company that Jira alone cannot.

“The unique and challenging demands of tracking software development activity and “sprints” have historically been relegated to JIRA’S internal capabilities, despite shortcomings in its ability to establish effective data hierarchies,” said Dr. Jefferey White, RutterKey’s CTO and VP of Product Development. “Which often leads to a time-consuming manual process of extracting inconsistent data metrics from JIRA and calculating progress through a series of spreadsheets.”