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January 10, 2020
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February 28, 2020
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Announcing RutterKey Solutions, LLC Official “IFS Field Implementation Certification Program”

A rigorous new implementation consulting qualification that requires practical experience and mastery to ensure delivery of value from our professional consulting team

At RutterKey, one of our driving goals is to deliver the most dedicated and talented team of IFS industry professionals in the business to our customers. Within this goal, experience matters.

Experience is a key contributor to delivering project success. Whether we are dealing with an IFS Applications upgrade, a new implementation, or expanding the functionality of a client’s IFS system, experience within the context of the software application, industry practices, and with customer organizations all play a role.

Two new certifications that demonstrate high levels of practical implementation experience

The RutterKey Field Implementation Certification confirms the capability of the individual through recognition from IFS, Customers, and their Peers.

RutterKey Field Certified aims to build upon the success of the existing IFS Academy certification program, by adding the recognition of experience. All RutterKey consultants will work toward achieving Field Certification, by reaching 3 milestones which may be achieved in parallel.  First and foremost, a RutterKey Consultant will earn an IFS Specialist Certification in their area of expertise demonstrating IFS recognition of their knowledge of IFS functionality.

Second, RutterKey associates will demonstrate their knowledge of industry and implementations through job experience and participation in successful implementations. To complete this milestone, the consultant must pass the challenge of a review by a panel of their peers. This challenge will include a review of their experience and successful response to a business requirements scenario.

The final milestone of the certification will be an independent confirmation of their experience through customer endorsements or reviews of their work product. Customer endorsements will be requested by RutterKey and will include a predefined questionnaire aimed at confirming the basis for customer endorsement from a common set of criteria.

This qualification will verify proficiency through a combination of study, experience, demonstrated success, and recognition from independent sources.

At RutterKey, we believe in results, and our number one priority is to deliver the results and ROI our clients expect.

Certification reinforces core values

We are focused on building thought leaders. At RutterKey, we believe honestly and enthusiastically being challenged by IFS, our customers, and our peers will allow us to achieve this objective of customer ROI.

As a team, we are committed to working as a cohesive whole to deliver on customer requirements. Individually, we are all dedicated to excellence – we feel this detailed, internally driven process, serves to hold ourselves accountable – not only to IFS customers, but also the rest of the RutterKey team.

Finally, RutterKey Field Implementation Certification must be maintained going forward through continuing education and periodic peer reviews. It is our goal to continue to confirm the capability of the RutterKey Team. In time, our aspiration is to have the RutterKey Field Implementation stamp be recognized throughout the IFS community as a reliable confirmation of the bearer’s expertise.