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January 7, 2020
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February 13, 2020
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Taking ERP Consulting and IFS Implementations to the Next Level

RutterKey is proud to announce Silver Services Partner achievement within the IFS community – Growth in operations and a deep commitment to client goals and requirements are keys to success

As we celebrate the start of this momentous New Year, we reflect on recent accomplishments and honor the tremendous RutterKey team that makes it all possible – 2020 arrives with a built-in silver lining! A true testament to the good things that can happen when we all pull together to hoist a sail or round a mark.

With a focus on team building and hiring the right skills and knowledge base, the efforts of 2019 propel us forward as a Premier IFS Partner. We close out the year with a 33% growth in staff that represent key areas of expertise, complimenting the professional strengths of our existing team.

In addition to our team growth in North America, and an array of IFS implementations from all corners of the region, we were thrilled to open a new European office location in Manchester, England, which is being led by a highly experienced Senior Solution Architect.

We also added three talented new Solution Architects, all of whom have the experience and ability to successfully manage a project to completion. These individuals have already brought fresh ideas and perspectives on risk assessment, scope definition, finance, operations strategy, and supply chain management to our current list of service offerings.

In addition to expanding our project leadership capabilities, we have also welcomed new supporting roles to the team who have backgrounds ranging from field service and fleet maintenance to HR, CRM, and accounting.

On a technical note, in just this past calendar year we completed software development of a proprietary workflow model that resides within the IFS system, and successfully implemented it for a client solution. A very exciting topic which will be the focal point of future articles.

Effective teamwork by RutterKey helps clients balance budget, solution, and schedule.

As we look ahead to 2020, we know our power is in our people. We plan to continue on this same growth trajectory and cultivate talent in all service areas of the business to be able to deliver value to our customers through personalized and customized application technologies. Our end goal is to become a comprehensive RutterKey team that offers support in every facet of ERP expertise and consulting.

With this end in mind, other key role players we have added to the team provide us with software development skills that will further enhance our ability to design custom functionality and new technical product initiatives – We are actively exploring opportunities in AI, IoT, and digitization.

“Reflecting on this past year, we have spearheaded implementation projects across a wide spectrum of industries,” said Bruce Mortimer, RutterKey’s CEO and Managing Director. “From aerospace and military OEM to the U.S. energy sector, mining, and even promotional product manufacturing our client list runs the gamut. Achieving Silver is a wonderful feather in this team’s cap – but we have our sights set on Gold and what lies beyond.”

As we continue our journey, the RutterKey mission is sustainable expansion without compromising the major contributors who have been paramount in helping us succeed to this point, namely, our customers, our employees, and our key stakeholders. We will continue to honor these groups by keeping them front-of-mind as we illuminate our core values of honesty, integrity, wisdom, camaraderie, and teamwork.