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Construction Industry Has Unique IT Challenges

Traditional ways of storing data and tracking projects may be lacking in


Are you in the construction business? Think for a moment about the challenges you face when tracking a collection of projects. Each operating with its own profit and loss centers. Each on its own timeline.

Monitoring all that data, forecasting results, and meeting deadlines is complicated. If your project information is stored in Excel spreadsheets or within multiple complex IT (information technology) systems – Then it can be next to impossible to get the big picture on company-wide success, or risk…

If you’re a corporate controller stuck in the middle of a project storm, then calculating, recording, and reporting results could be a major pain point.

Would you be interested in an enterprise-wide database solution that put every project detail in one place and allowed for customized dashboards where you could easily view and track progress across multiple-sites with a click of the mouse?

RutterKey Solutions, LLC is a consulting company that helps businesses like yours track operations, improve data efficiency, and provide visual analysis for key performance indicators (KPI).

We are experts in planning and implementing IFS Applications™ – a Best in Class* ERP system that brings a company’s entire data profile under a single software solution. IFS Apps are easy to navigate, and our professional engineering team can help create training material that makes every user feel comfortable interacting with the software environment.

Take the Guesswork out of the Equation

What kind of risk are you facing if you have project information stored in a “jury-rigged” combination of Excel spreadsheets and industry vendor software strung across a variety of servers and company laptops?

For starters, you risk having no way to legitimately reconcile the estimates of a project forecast against an authoritative base source. How do you know if you’re on time and on budget?

Next, when large scale projects span years to complete, you risk having cost and time overruns spin out of control.

Finally, with a loose security structure and access not tied to employee role, you risk not having the checks and balances in place to detect and prevent manipulated data from being entered in the system.

Example of an IFS digital onscreen dashboard

IFS Apps Software Puts Your Whole Company on the Same Page

In a recent survey of construction companies, 84% reported problems with cash flow.

If you have been thinking about mitigating risk and reducing cash flow problems, then contact RutterKey and explore the potential for an ERP solution that gives your organization the power of information.

IFS software products are available in both desktop and mobile application versions. It literally brings every department under one software umbrella and allows for field service management capabilities as well. Tracking multi-site, multi-project data sets is our specialty. RutterKey solution architects help you visualize an IFS software implementation before it begins – eliminating impact on active operations and verifying accurate data migration from previous data systems.

IFS Lobbies are visual, onscreen graphs, charts, and intel that can be customized by user role and responsibility. Everyone on your team can see their performance numbers in real time.

IFS is designed with construction companies in mind – Let RutterKey experts show you how to forecast your cash position over the project lifecycle and establish tie-ins between risk and opportunity to help drive up margin.   


If you need a creative, holistic solution to your company’s computer needs, then contact RutterKey today to start a conversation that may help your operations team track and monitor even the most challenging project details.