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June 29, 2015
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Visualize the Scope of Your Next ERP Implementation Before Fully Investing in the Strategy

RutterKey Solutions, LLC specializes in the IFS Scope Tool™ giving our clients a clear picture of  how, when, and by whom each project goal will be accomplished

Today’s complex global markets and industries are literally being transformed by new digital technologies. The need for large organizations to successfully navigate rapid change is paramount to their ability to compete – and dare we say remain relevant.

With this dynamic environment in mind, it would be wise to invest in software infrastructure that is both agile and adaptive to business requirements. A creative, holistic implementation approach is also a key to success.

These are the cornerstones of RutterKey’s client ERP projects, where we utilize IFS Applications™ to coordinate, control, and monitor all facets of business operations and bring third party vendor software products under the umbrella of one enterprise-wide solution.

Our roadmap for success starts with careful planning to ensure that ERP projects align with a client’s core business processes and workflow. As a certified IFS Scope Tool partner, the RutterKey team is able to create a visual representation of how a client’s unique business requirements fit into the IFS standard application before implementation begins.

This results in several clear advantages, such as:

  • Providing an all-encompassing view of project tasks and costs at the outset,
  • Minimizing impact of the implementation on actual, ongoing business operations, and
  • Ensuring a smooth system transition and data migration from the current ERP system.

The Need for Speed

Being quick to assess options, make a decision, and execute a project plan is how RutterKey helps organizations keep up with the competition. We know a “one-size-fits-all” approach is not going to work for companies with unique industry and business operation scenarios.

Although our solutions are customized and not pre-built, cookie cutter protocols, utilizing the Scope Tool allows us to describe and illustrate uniquely delivered processes and implementations fast – including accurate calculations for project cost and timeframes. A clear picture of the entire project scope is vital to the initial decision-making process.

These fast calculations offer valuable business benefits and are quite detailed in identifying the who, what, where, and when of a proposed project. For example, our service scope includes a RACI matrix that identifies who is responsible for each aspect of project delivery. This master planning process is capable of establishing a client’s preferred timeframe and shows the workload on all “players” – including accurate customer, IFS, and RutterKey roles and responsibilities. It takes the guesswork out of who is in charge of what.

Cost calculations are equally valuable, and with the IFS Scope Tool, once the details are entered, RutterKey can simulate different project scope scenarios to allow for a comparative analysis when necessary.

Clear Communication

In the event IFS Apps are the chosen ERP solution, the roadmap established during the discovery phase becomes the blueprint for project implementation. Our advanced preparation establishes a common language between IFS and industry specific terminology.

From our experience, this also allows for a quicker project start when desired. The initial fact finding from a comprehensive scope analysis allows us to immediately start building an accurate prototype based on the proposed ERP solution and the client’s internal business “rules” and requirements. An early “trial run” means we can test out the solution and verify user “satisfaction”.

Our advance project assessment work with the Scope Tool in the beginning actually allows us to now control delivery and progress reporting during the project implementation phase.

Within the IFS design of the tool, software developers have added existing knowledge and data collected from senior solution architects and industry experts who have encountered real world scenarios during past projects. This aspect of the Scope Tool is an enabler for industry specific accelerators – thus further driving efficiency and quality. Industry insights coupled with individual customer interviews is the right combination for success.

Improved Project Visibility and Tracking

A vital element of implementation success is having the entire team on the same page. That means RutterKey staff, client leadership, “super-user” groups, and IFS home office personnel alike.

The project scope tool helps everyone visualize progress and timeline through an HTML interface. Easy to read, graphical workflows are color coded and simple to publish, share, and control access throughout the enterprise via a web-based platform.

Designed with communication in mind, the scope tool provides an overview of CRIM and a Requirements Matrix hand selected by the client. These software features help draw attention to all objects that would be affected by a proposed ERP implementation. Once identified, effected objects are inserted into the visual diagram for all to observe and will automatically update with changes to the project scope parameters.

Essentially, the project prototype created by the scope tool later serves as the base for tracking progress. By harnessing all of the tools that drive project control, RutterKey experts are able to test the tracker for verification and configure the data tracker to follow and verify all data migration work.

This level of detailed information amounts to real control over implementation objectives.

Customized Training Material via ClickLearn Web Portal

Typically, one of the most time consuming and therefore, under-developed aspects of solution delivery is the creation and development of training material that is important in educating the client’s employees on maintaining and navigating the ERP environment.

This sounds a bit “illogical” based on the infrastructure investment being made!? Trust us, we know.

In our experience, unfortunately, developing new software training material has been time intensive and cost prohibitive. Only very “hands-on” writing and documenting strategies would produce custom results catering to the client’s specific business model.

This situation either drove up the project cost or fell back on the client team’s list of responsibilities, which of course equated to a significant time investment.

The good news is all of this has changed! ClickLearn technology makes it possible to generate training solutions quickly by recording and automating task simulations. Once created, new training material is flexible and easy to change and edit.

In Summary

The IFS Scope Tool is a powerful weapon in the hands of a skilled consultant. RutterKey is a Challenger forged to wield this Power. In doing so, we help speed up work in the key areas of project launch, testing, data migration, and user group training – And we provide a visual means for verifying project results.

Our solution architects provide support through the entire project lifecycle and benefit clients by enabling the swift implementation of projects that increase quality, reduce workload and lower overall cost.

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