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December 7, 2023

Friend or Foe – AI Could Fuel the Utility of the Future

Carol Johnston, the Vice President of Energy, Utilities & Resources at IFS, emphasizes the transformative potential of generative AI, which includes advanced algorithms capable of generating text, images, computer code, and even modeling new data. This groundbreaking technology is attracting significant attention in corporate boardrooms, and the utility sector is no exception...
December 6, 2023

A Game-Changing Partnership: IFS and the Big Ten Conference

At IFS, the organization is not merely entering the prime-time, high-stakes realm of US collegiate sports; it is redefining it. The recent partnership with the Big Ten Conference, a first in the league’s history, establishes IFS as their Official Technology Partner. This collaboration opens an abundance of possibilities, not just for IFS but for millions of avid sports fans, athletes, and students, as well as a strong, passionate alumni network deeply invested in the world of college sports...
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Whenever possible, we look at automation features to further improve efficiency, track key performance indicators, provide real time data reporting, and increase the utility of your IFS toolbox.

We operate from a Philosophy that the best solution can be derived from examining and understanding the Function Level, considering all possible angles at the Project Level, and fully controlling the Implementation Level. Our unique process workflow management tool puts your employees, equipment, and data protocol in sync.

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Bruce Mortimer - CEO & Founder