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January 12, 2023

Accelerating User Enablement: Role-Based Paths

The Global User Development (GUD) Team at Boomi is excited to announce the Role-Based Paths (RBP) initiative to accelerate user enablement on the Boomi platform through four Boomi roles: Project Manager, Developer, Architect, and Maintenance and Support...
January 12, 2023

Energy, Utilities, and Resources Industry Predictions 2023: It’s About Looking Ahead

Carol Johnston, VP of Energy, Utilities & Resources at IFS, explains how many energy, utility, and resource organizations have prioritized the adoption of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards...
January 11, 2023

Business Transformation Consulting: Defining Business Value

A new guide from IFS, titled ‘how to achieve value from an enterprise-wide technology change’, primes management consultants and transformation managers driving high value, minimal risk business transformations with C-suite stakeholders...

The RutterKey Promise

To offer creative ideas and “holistic thinking” – bringing you the best technology and IFS solutions, custom fit to your specific ERP requirements. We aim to do this by considering lean practices and principles in every project.

Whenever possible, we look at automation features to further improve efficiency, track key performance indicators, provide real time data reporting, and increase the utility of your IFS toolbox.

We operate from a Philosophy that the best solution can be derived from examining and understanding the Function Level, considering all possible angles at the Project Level, and fully controlling the Implementation Level.

Our unique process workflow management tool puts your employees, equipment, and data protocol in sync.

RutterKey Solutions – with you every step of the way.

Bruce Mortimer - RutterKey Solutions CEO & Founder